Our Collection

URBAND BEYONENylon and Titanium collection

URBAND CARBONCarbon Fiber and Titanium collection

UB XLFor larger faces

Urband's Lifestyle

Urband is inspired by the modern active men, finding a perfect balance between sophistication and praticality. Our R&D team, focus to create modern designs with the best High-Tech features. Urband frames are made for each group of passionnated men.

A Unique,
Natural Pattern

The unique charcoal colour consists of a combination of gloss, semi-gloss and matte. By cutting across every single layer of carbon fibre at a different angle, we have achieved a one-of-a-kind design.

Strong and Sturdy

Carbon fibre is seven times harder than stainless steel. A 3D oscillating cut through the 150 sheets of carbon fibre allows us to create a unique pattern and colour for the UB top bars, giving them a refreshing look.


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