Urband Launches Hooks  — Preventing glasses from slipping

One of the common problem that spectacle wearers often complain about is their spectacles slipping down the nose.
The Urband company, well known for its collections of frames (Urband, Glossi, Eyelet and Nature Eyes) is marketing a new object to remedy this phenomenon.

Presenting Urband Hooks, a patented accessory that slips over the temples of glasses to ensure stability and non-slip, while following the natural shape of the head.
Urban Hooks will inevitably be a great partner to athletes frustrated with their spectacles that slip down their nose during their training.
Apart from athletes, it is a great accessory to also readers, craftsmen and all those who often have their head bowed down.

Urban Hooks is available in two sizes and easily adapts to all optical and sunglasses frames. It can be used by adults as well as children.

In these times of pandemic, Urban Hooks also has another advantage:
as the glasses are well maintained, it helps to reduce contact with the face, which inevitably lowers the risk of the spread of germs.


Website Link:https://www.opticien-presse.fr/2020/08/31/urband-lance-hooks-pour-empecher-les-lunettes-de-glisser/
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