Urband Beyond

Urban BEYONE is designed for progressive wearers, offers stability and durability, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience. Read More

Delight 1

The appearance of Delight 1 resembles a combination frame, but in fact, this eyewear frame front is crafted entirely from one material. Read More

Delight 2

Delight 2 is a combination frame that offers diverse colour elements that appeal to different consumer’s preference. Read More

Urband Carbon

Urband Carbon frames feature a slim carbon fiber top bar and a robust titanium rim, combining strength with lightweight design. Read More

Patented Technologies

Titanium Front

Flexible Hinges




Our Brands

Our passion for eyewear has driven us to create innovative and unique products, where we balance engineering with creativity and aesthetics.
Urband consist of 3 subsidiary brands.


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We want the world to benefit from good eyewear, with our unique designs that is most comfortable for you on a daily basis.

About Urband

Here at Urband, we go beyond style and explore functionality through research and development (R&D). We endeavor to not only provide aesthetically pleasing frames, but to also ensure their quality, stability and comfort for you.


We endeavour to bring our design philosophy to the world in the *kaizen spirit, passion and teamwork.

*continuous improvement

Awards over the years


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